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Updated April 10, 2014

Addressing the Challenge of Proficiency Based Diplomas

Results from Survey of Teacher Views of the MainePSP

Waves Collaborative

 Wednesday, March 26

Rescheduled to April 9 due to weather!
Ellsworth Elementary Middle School, Ellsworth

The evening will start with dinner at 4:30pm, and we will kick off the activities
and discussion starting at 
5pm. The topic of the evening will be waves, so be prepared for a fun filled evening including activities and discussions focused around waves. 
Bring your laptop!

Collaborative Schedule Spring 2014

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The Maine Physical Science Partnership (MPSP) brings together nearly 50 rural Maine schools with the University of Maine, three Maine non-profits with expertise in science education (the SERC Institute, the Institute for Broadening Participation, and the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance), and science and technology leaders at the Maine Department of Education to target the teaching and learning of physical sciences in grades 6-9 and the preparation of science teachers at the University of Maine. 

Our district partners include: Union 93, Dedham, Orrington, Hermon, Maine Indian Education, MDIRSS, MSAD 22, MSAD 41, RSU 20, RSU 24, RSU 25, RSU 26, RSU 3, RSU 34, RSU 38, RSU 50, RSU 67, SAD 28 and Union 76.

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This Community Site was created for all of the teachers, administrators, program managers, and researchers associated with the Maine PSP.  Full access is restricted to people working in schools or partner organizations associated with the project.  BUT, anyone connected to the project is encouraged to join. 

A site administrator will check to make sure that you are part of the project and will then respond with an email providing login information.  It is helpful if you use your professional email in order for us to determine your affiliation and expedite your membership.

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